Orphan care


In Pakistan around 50 Million children are under 17 years of age and out of which about 4.2 Million are orphans. Due to natural catastrophe, number of orphans has recently increased considerably therefore, society as a whole has to come forward to provide shelter and support to these helpless children. In line with its mission to serve the humanity, Al-Khidmat Foundation is launching Al-Khidmat Orphan Care Program (AOCP) to extend support program to those parentless children in form of Education, Health, Food and counseling irrespective of caste, color, creed and religion at their doorstep.


To patronize the vulnerable orphans throughout the country and see them to grow up as good citizens and useful members of the society, leading a contended, dignified, healthy, happy and prosperous life.


Our Mission is to dedicate our efforts, expertise and resources to facilitate the vulnerable orphans in terms of education, subsistence, health care and psycho social/ moral uplifting by setting up Orphanages and through financial/ moral support at their door step


We envisage a way of achieving our Vision through a comprehensive orphan support program throughout the country under an umbrella of Al-Khidmat Orphan Care Program (AOCP).


The purpose of Orphan Support Program is to provide support to the children who lost either one or both of their parents –and hence also lost a vital source of support– at their own homes. Currently the Orphan Care Program is successfully run in all provinces of Pakistan as well as Azad Jammu Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan and FATA. Each cluster is administrated by an in-charge who, along with local community looks after the needs of the children.

Aghosh Alkhidmat works for such orphans who lose their parents or paternal support in the first 14 years of their life. Aghosh works with the objectives of providing a better educational environment and residential facilities for free to the vulnerable orphan children in Pakistan. It also equips them with the highest degree of self-confidence through mentoring and counseling by professionals. This vests a solid determination in their selves to attain the best future for them and serve the beloved country