Health Services

History & Crises

Pakistan is an under developed Country and according to sources, 75% of Pakistan’s population is living below the poverty line. Pakistan’s health condition, funding, and infrastructure are very poor, especially in rural areas. 50% of Pakistan’s population is not having facility of health. Major causes of sickness and death consist of infections, Liver diseases, birth defects, TB, protozoal infection, and typhoid . Pakistan however confronts the difficulty of small number of paramedic staff and doctors in demand of the total population.

The Al-Khidmat Foundation Punjab:

With the vision to make a healthy Pakistan Al-Khidmat Foundation Punjab (A region of Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan) started different health departments in Punjab including twenty hospitals, ninety one clinics, forty five labs, nine blood banks, eighty eight ambulances, one hundred and twenty four medical camps, and a pharmacy with the annually 2.1 million beneficiaries. Most of the health projects either free or on low rates / fees.

Future & Aim

Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan is gradually increasing its projects with the vision of constructing a Pakistan where everyone lives healthy. We the Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan’s Punjab Region is working day and night to achieve the desired aim which can’t be achieved without your kind help.


Hospitals are important to treat serious illnesses, diseases and disorders of various types and severity. They don’t only provide emergency services but also provide long term and continuous medical facility to indoor patients. They also create jobs and in some cases can provide a safe place for people who are mostly recovered from abuse etc. but are not safe at home or in the community. Alkhidmat Foundation Punjab has established hospitals across Pakistan with the objective to provide natal and postnatal facilities. Our hospitals are a medical facility for all the segments of society regardless of their socio-economic status.

Al-Khidmat Foundation Punjab has also dug its nail in Medical Centers for providing quality and subsidies Medical facilities to people of medically deprived areas who cannot afford hospitalization. To date, Al-Khidmat Foundation has fourteen Medical Centers in Punjab. Team of expert doctors & paramedics are always happy to treat extremely poor patients.

Maternal, newborn and child healthcare statistics in Pakistan are some of the poorest in South Asia. Despite improvements in 1990s, Pakistan lags many of its neighbors in health and population outcomes. To cope up with such situation, Alkhidmat Foundation Punjab has established Mother & Child Healthcare Centers across Pakistan with the objective to provide natal and postnatal facilities. It’s a 24/7 facility for all patients regardless of the race, religion and caste. It doesn’t only provide emergency service but also the facility of general wards for all the patients including nursery for the newborns.

Blood banks are crucial for those patients who require blood in case of emergency especially the victims of terrorist attacks and road accidents. Blood banks also provide routine supply of required blood for the patients of thalassemia while they are extremely helpful during seasonal epidemics like Dengue fever.

Alkhidmat Foundation Punjab has established many Blood Banks across Pakistan. These blood banks provide platelets for the patients of Dengue fever for their treatment. Blood can also be acquired for patients who go under medical surgeries and other medical tests like Biopsy and Endoscopy. During C-Section and minor operations for gynecology implications these blood banks play a vital role in the life saving procedure of mothers and their newborns. As most of the Alkhidmat Foundation blood excessively becomes dire for patients in big cities, all of them are providing the best facilities to the metropolitan.

Clinic is a place where outpatients are given medical treatment or advice, especially of a specialist nature. Alkhidmat Foundation has established a large number of clinics, which help the poor and the needy people to get access to a qualified medical doctor. An average fee of Rs.25/- is charged that includes preliminary medicine and consultancy fee. Clinics also refer patients to the nearby hospital of Alkhidmat Foundation where and when necessary.

Ambulances of Al-Khidmat Foundation have up to date technology features and can serve the purpose of emergency very quickly. Moreover, Ambulance drivers also have knowledge of first aid and Al-Khidmat Foundation organizes training workshops time to time with the collaboration of Motorway Police for new drivers joining the fleet of Al-Khidmat Ambulances; so that they can face any emergency situation in a responsive way. Al-Khidmat Foundation has ninety six (96) Ambulances in Punjab, and they are increasing day by day.

State of the Art laboratories is the tradition of Al-Khidmat Foundation. Al-Khidmat’s laboratories have latest and digital machinery to perform PCR, X-RAY,MRI, hepatitis, HIV and many other tests. Collection centers and instant reports with free of cost service to deserving people makes its difference. Al-Khidmat Foundation have forty five (45) laboratories across Punjab with Annually ten thousand free tests for the deserving and poor patients.

Serving poor humanity is always the first priority of Al-Khidmat Foundation. In a sequence of Its various services Al-Khidmat Foundation also organizes Free Medical Camps where Specialist doctors work voluntarily with Al-Khidmat Foundation for the well being of poor humanity. Annually 200 Free medical camps are organized by Al-Khidmat Foundation in Punjab.